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Date:2006-02-14 18:53
Subject:Happy Hallmark Day
Mood: meh

Yay for posting without actually needin to write anything...

But if anyone DOES want to kiss a wookiee on v-day, apparently that can be arranged.

Cause I'm on the Millennium Falcon (apparently). The world around you (me) is at war. Fortunately you (I) know how to handle that with the greatest of ease. You are (I am... you get the point) one of the best at what you do and no one needs to tell you (moi) that. Now if only the droids could be quiet for five seconds.


Millennium Falcon (from Star Wars)


Serenity (from Firefly)


Bebop (from Cowboy Bebop)


Nebuchadnezzar (from The Matrix)


Moya (from Farscape)


SG-1 (from Stargate)


Enterprise D (from Star Trek)


Galactica (from Battlestar: Galactica)


Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? v1.0
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Date:2005-11-16 07:51

Tips on Giving HeadCollapse )

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Date:2005-11-10 22:37
Subject:ZOMG A POST!!!
Mood: stressed

Not really, just an amusing quizzy thing

LiveJournal Username
Who is your favorite Final Fantasy hero?
Inversely, who is your favorite Final Fantasy villain?
What is your weapon of choice?
Moogles or Chocobo?
So, wanna go camp Valkurm Emperor then go farm beehive chips in Giddeus?
Angsty hero with pointy hair and a MYSTERIOUS PAST.arkazel
Main hero's romantic interest that can summon stuff!espresso_fiend
The diminuitive Black Mage. BLACK MAGES RAWK.candancejade
The rough and tumble airship captain!tigerczew
Uh ohes! COMIC RELIEF! No one likes your character.meerclar_heidi
The strong but silent ninja who only has three lines.candancejade
The extremely hyper girl that can talk with animals and crap.youjen
Angry goth with a ten foot katana who wants to use the power of the planet to become a godoffwhitekoolaid
This Fun Quiz created by Rob at BlogQuiz.Net
Free Daily Horoscopes at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Dev = Lucky, you get to be a love interest.
Ally = Lucky, you get to kick ass
candance = Lucky, you get to rock. You get to be a black mage ninja that has only three lines. That's AWEXOME!
Heidi = ... sorry.
Anna = you seem to be typecaste to be angsty... I'd do something about that if I were you. Dont worry, your love interest is cute at least

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Date:2005-08-15 22:13
Subject:I need your arms around me I need to feel your touch
Mood: tired

So I went for a ski trip last weekend with Erin and Kenneth. What a time. Driving up in my tiny little car was fun, despite her (my car) not liking hills in the slightest. We listened to the star wars radio play (well, the firstr tape) and there was much fun, except when I forgot I was driving, thought i was flying a hopper, and tried to fly the stone needle in my nissan pulsar.
When we got to the snow, I tried to employ the deep end method of teaching Kenneth and Erin how to ski. Kenneth, who cant be trusted, took to it suprisingly well, he picked up parallel skiing on his first run, and what's more, he picked up this advanced technique going backwards! He made it half way down the slope before a snow drift caught up with him, bringing his impromptu display of gravity to a rather sudden and amusing halt. Then he got up and did it again, but this time forwards.

It's been a while since I last made a proper post, so I'll do an update.

The soccer team has been going downhill. We had our two hardest games of the comp on a couple of double headers, and lost both of them, dropping us from second to fifth, and losing us our best defence in the comp title. I find myself a lot less commited to tackles these days, and I need to figure out whats wrong so I can get back on my game. We're at least back to fourth now, hopefully even up to third. I'll be very disappointed if we dont make it into the RonDine cup, cause we deserved it for the first half of the season, even if we dont for the second.

I'm horribly in love with Erin, complete with the renewed fear that she'll leave me. Which is better than the thought of me worrying I wont be able to commit to her, which with a few of my last relationships has become a small concern. Although only when I dont think about it hard enough.
I mean jeez, I had one relationship that only lasted a month, and one that lasted two years, and people are suprised when i'm still going out with a girl after only three months. It's a little insulting, when they make it sound like they think I have commitment issues. I *totally* dont. I have lots of other issues, sure, but commitment atent one of them.

I'm starting to enjoy writing again, which I havent done for a while. Unfortuantely it's coming at the expense of my drawing, which hasnt happened for a week or two. But my inspiration for drawing is a very temperate thing, and when I do get inspired, neither hell nor high water will keep me from it, I'm sure. A lack of a pencil, on the other hand, could pose a problem.

My carpets are very clean, and I have new jeans. And some authentic japanese katana made in china [/sarcasm](a guys gotta start somewhere, I still think they're cool) And I'm procrastinating. Thats about it.

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Date:2005-08-15 22:02
Subject:You dont want to be here, trust me
Mood: cold

Circle I Limbo

Kids who are on holidays at the same time as me
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Referees that dont know how to control games
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Inconsiderate people in lift queues at the snow
Circle IV Rolling Weights

People that have no taste in music, but like the bands I like
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

People who dont use indicators
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

People that voted for Bush
Circle VII Burning Sands

People who block footpaths with slow walking or pamphlets
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

People who interrupt uni lectures to make me vote for pointless university union stuff. I'm paying money for those lectures, asshole
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

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Date:2005-08-15 21:46
Mood: Procrastinating

I'm procrastinating from doing a paper on procrastination. Seriously. I wouldnt believe me either, but it's true.

anyhoo, I'm so not suprised that my superpower is...

Your power is: Super Speed

Explanation: Your power has made you
move faster than any living thing and it gives
great advantage in stressful times. The power
could however make you want everything to
happen at once and you tend to get bored with
people easily that way. In good purposes the
power could save those who are e.g. falling of
a building. In negative purposes however they
can do almost anything (steal, kill etc)
without being seen.
As a person you show the world a cocky side of
yourself. You act as if you're the greatest
thing God has made and like making rude and
sarcastic comment to peers. However you can
also be fun to be with and bring an easy
atmosphere as well as a tense one. You are
tough and don't give up easy and is somewhat
self centered. That does not mean you don't
care for others. You want to be recognized as a
smart/strong/talented person that you strive to
be. You have insecurity inside that you don't
want to show, but you are independant and want
to do things on your own.
Negative aspects: People could get
easily annoyed at you if you show your cocky
sides more than your good side. You also have a
I-don't-care attitude that could push people

What Power is Compatible With You? [beautiful anime pictures + 12 detailed results]
brought to you by Quizilla

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Date:2005-08-05 18:06
Mood: thoughtful

I realised yesterday that running into exes is weord.

I ran into Amy yesterday, only the second time I've seen her since I broke up with her about *thinks* six, seven months ago. Now, the first time I ran into her post-break, she was with some of her friends, one of which went "Ooh this is awkward". I felt like decking the guy and saying "well it is now you arsehole". Because after that, it was, I beat a rather hasty retreat, then forgot about it cause the whitlams started playing.

So yesterday, the second time I've seen her, and I'm slightly worried it's going to be awkward again. I dont want it to be, as just because I didnt want to date her, didnt mean I didnt like her. But then I thought; What if by not acting awkward I make her feel like the relationship meant nothing to me.

A digression: Awkwardness (in this regard) I think, at least with me, is due to the unintentional recall of feelings brought on by seeing the person again. Spontaneous Recovery, if you're a behaviourist. Even if you stopped liking someone, some residual feelings are bound to be remembered when you see them again, and as you are no longer dating these feelings are less than appropriate, so theres inner conflict => awkwardness.

So if theres no awkwardness, I feel bad, because it might cause the ex to think that the time spent meant nothing to me, which I dont want them to think. So my awkwardness comes not from residual feelings causing conflict, but the conflict between wanting to be cool with the person, and yet not wanting them to feel like they were nothing to me.

I hate when these little thoughts end up having no logical progression. *sighs* Another step on the road to self-actualisation :)

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Date:2005-07-19 21:26
Subject:Goddamn Harry
Mood: blank

One big Massive Harry SpoilerCollapse )

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Date:2005-07-11 12:37
Subject:Dev had this thing, yeah
Mood: awake

Where you list 10 celebs you think are attractive. How easy is that?! I barely have to think.

1. Natalie Portman. There can be only one.
2. Liv Tyler
3. Martine McCutcheon
4. Amy Jo Johnston (the original and best pink ranger)
5. Lindsay Sloane (I bet you all thought it was gonna be Lohan)
6. Angelina Jolie
7. Anna Paquin
8. Rachel Bilson
9. Catherine Zeta Jones (what gorgeous curves the woman has)
10. Kirstin Davis (charlotte from sex in the city, whatta babe)

and tag people... well, I cant be bothered with that. Do what you will.

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Date:2005-06-20 10:35
Mood: sore

I woke up and my necks killing me

Thats all

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Date:2005-06-16 02:09
Subject:I forgot one of the reasons I made this lj

Which was to post pictures. Of which many of the people reading have seen before, but muh.
A few pictures, boring or what?Collapse )

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Date:2005-06-16 01:55
Subject:Wow, I wrote something
Mood: tired

Isnt procrastination a wonderful thing? I havent written anything in aaaages, and yet tonight, only a little bit inspired by what Catherine and Heidi wrote, I added to Domus Prime. And, at least as far as *I* think, it's not half bad.

It's nothing stellar, of course, but it's something. And I think I actually kept the dialogue a little bit in character, which is something I rememeber always having lots of trouble with.

Like my typing at the moment. It's sucking like a blaxland road red light girl. Good thing I'm pedantic, or you'd have no idea what I was saying. Not that anyone who doesnt live in campbelltown will with that last line anyway. *shrugs*

So, if you actually know what DP is, it'd be cool if you read it and give me some *honest* feedback. Something I dont think I got when I first starting adding to it, at least not from everyone. (Can you tell I'm a little bitter? It's really annoying when people you trust tell you years after the fact that your writing sucks, when at the time they said it was fine. And then resist every attempt you make to make things right.)

A-nee-hoo. I'm off to bed, sleepy I am. If not careful, like Yoda I will start talking hmmn?

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Date:2005-06-14 10:53
Subject:So... have to update my journal
Mood: lethargic

So, Jen pointed out that I havent posted in a while, so now I need to find something to talk about.

In my life... nothing new. I'm still smitten with Erin, I'm still best defence in the local soccer comp, and I'm still trying to get people to pick fights so they get carded.

I was in the car last night, listening to my iPod on the long drive home from meadowbank, and the music stopped. Damn battery. Anyhoo, I dont know what got me thinking about it but I realised that with musicians, unless they write, play and sing at least some of their own music, I dont consider them the least bit talented. I've always kind of known this, I know I'm a bit of a music snob, but I dont usually pay that much attention to it unless I'm bagging out pop music.

So I thought about it a little more, and realised that these teen idols (or at least those few that can actually hold a note) are, at least a little bit, talented. More talented than me at least. They can sing. So should this be something I admire? At the moment, I'm thinking no. My reasoning goes this; Good singers are generally labelled as such by the quality of their voice. This is something that they have no control over, it's merely a physical set of circumstances which yes, can be trained, but if you dont have the voice to begin with, you wont be able to train it into you.

So why should we admire these people for a physical ability they had very little control over? Sure, I can be jealous of them, but I see no reason to admire them. And most of them (pop singers I'm talkin bout) certainly dont give me anything else to admire them for. So what's the point of this little journal entry? I realised that I can keep the same opinion that I've always had. So the point of the entry is... Jen has something to read. Yay!

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Date:2005-06-01 21:45
Subject:Giggety Giggety Giggety!
Mood: tired

Yeeeha! Best defence in the soccer comp! I like to think in a large part (about 33% at least) due to me.

What an awesome sport soccer is. I made someone get a yellow card on the weekend. It was great.

I choose to start the story nowCollapse )

But I'm not that happy with it. Next time I play against an idiot like that, I'm gonna try and get him a red :)

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Date:2005-05-25 20:48
Subject:Sex and Drugs and Polyphonic Ringtones
Mood: annoyed

I hate people that withhold their number when they ring me. It shits me. Why the need for secrecy? I mean, I dont mind not knowing who it is when I answer my home phone, that's not the issue, it's that the person ringing felt obliged to hide who they are from me, even though they're ringing me. Jerks. Unless I'm expecting a call from a business, like when my cars getting mechanic-ised, from now on I'm gonna ignore people that withhold their number. That'll learn em.

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Date:2005-05-22 03:01
Mood: happy

ZOMG! Star Wars! Whooooo! (there will likely be spoilers)Collapse )

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Date:2005-05-17 21:22
Subject:Movie Whore

The Movie Whore thang. Although I prefer the term Movie Slut.

1. Take the list and post it into your own LJ (as opposed to someone else's LJ, duh), marking movies you've seen with an x, and removing xes if you haven't seen an already marked one.

2. Add five more movies to the end of the list. The meme must be fed!

3. Count how many x'es you have. If you've seen more than 70 movies, you are a ~*~ Movie Whore ~*~. Post the score of how many movies you've seen in the subject line.

4. Use a LJ-cut since you've got at least one LJ-friend who doesn't really want to see an ungodly number of movies snaking its way down the computer monitor. (Right now the list is over 200 movies)

5. (optional) Question your friend's taste in movies.

Am a a movie whore?Collapse )

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Date:2005-05-17 18:28
Subject:I. Fucking. Hate. Telstra!
Mood: annoyed

Fucking fuckers have already fucking capped me, and I know theres no fucking way I've reached 10 gig this month.

I figured it out, see.
The month has been going for 2 weeks.
I download 3 1 hour shows, 356mB each, every week, and I download 3 1/2 hour shows, which are about 200mB each.

Assuming I've been leeched off as much as I leech, which I know isnt the case, cause I'm a bastard like that, I would be at about 6 gig worth of downloads from the shows I watch.

And theres no way I've done 4 gigs worth of surfing in two weeks.

And what the fuck is wrong with telstra anyway. We're paying for their most expensive "unlimited" plan and after 10 gigs we get cut off! Call that unlimited? Call that fucking customer loyalty, when we've been with them for about 5 years? A fucking ripoff is what I call it.

a pox upon themCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-16 18:48
Subject:What a waste of my time and money

I'm waaaay to easily distracted for someone who just failed an assignment and has another one to do before thursday

Another Jedi Generator by outsideloki
Colour Skin/FurGreen
Colour EyesBrown
Colour SabreRed
Sabre StyleSingle
Lightsabre Strength: 19%
Jedi or SithSith
Master or ApprenticeMaster
Living Force Sensitivity: 96%
Omnipotent Force Sensitivity: 72%
Your Dark Side Power: 64%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Date:2005-05-16 18:35
Subject:I just dont know what to do with myself
Mood: annoyed with myself

So I failed a subject today, cause I didnt hand an assignment in. It's happened a few times since I started uni, but I think it's a good thing I'm not so used to it that I dont hate the feeling. I try to console myself by thinking that I didnt understand the readings, I couldnt have done it even if I tried, but it doesnt help. I just didnt do it, and that's $3000 and a bit more of my pride down the drain.

I even stayed home from uni, to try and get the assignment due on thursday a bit closer to done. I've not written a single line of code. What the hell is wrong with me? Seriously? It's ridiculous.

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